Benefits of Tissue Donation

Tissue transplants improve the quality of life of the recipient, except for skin, which saves more lives than all tissues and organs combined. Listed below are some of the ways tissue is used to help recipients:

  • Skin grafts help burn victims heal
  • Reconstruction of shattered limbs to prevent amputation
  • Fusing of spinal defects to reduce pain
  • Replacement of benign cystic bone defects to improve mobility
  • Replacement of cancerous bone tumors to prevent amputation
  • Straighten and strengthen backs distorted by scoliosis
  • Replacement of hip bones to restore mobility
  • Dental and reconstruction surgery to restore normal facial appearance
  • Prevention of blindness
  • Restoration of sight
  • Coronary by-pass surgery through use of saphenous veins
  • Restoration of blood flow through use of saphenous veins
  • Replacement of defective heart valves
  • Repair damaged cartilage and tendons for improved mobility
  • Creation of shunts for dialysis access through use of femoral arteries