Valentine’s Day is a Time to Encourage Life-Saving Donations

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National Donor Day is recognized across the country on February 14th as a nationwide effort to help save lives through five types of life-saving donations:  organs, tissue, marrow, platelets and blood. New Mexicans are encouraged to help save lives by learning about the need for donations and taking the actions steps to save lives:

  • Right now, more than 116,000 patients await a life-saving organ transplant.   Every day 18 people die because of the shortage of organs.  One donor can save the lives of 9 patients in need of an organ transplant, and help up to 50 more through tissue donation.
  • You can register to be an organ and tissue donor on your driver’s license or ID card, by calling 505-843-7672 or online at New Mexico Donor Registry
  • Each day blood transfusions save approximately 10,000 Americans and although 60 percent of Americans are eligible to donate blood, only five percent do so.   Supplies are lower in the winter months.
  • Make an appointment to donate blood & platelets by calling 800-333-8037 or online at United Blood Services
  • Each year more than 35,000 patients are diagnosed with leukemia or other diseases that could be treated by a marrow or cord blood transplant.  Only 30 percent find a matched donor in their family, with 70 percent relying on the national marrow donor registry to find an unrelated donor.

Register as a marrow donor by calling 800-333-8037 or visiting the Marrow Registry.