Medical Partners


New Mexico Donor Services works closely with health care professionals in 40 hospitals, sharing best practices and critical information about organ, tissue and eye donation.

Lives cannot be saved without the care and support of these hospitals.

New Mexico Donor Services and New Mexico hospitals share responsibility to ensure that an individual’s decision to be a donor is followed or their family is given the option to donate organs and/or tissue.

Hospitals identify potential donors, make timely referrals, and manage the patients to allow NMDS to evaluate the patient for donor suitability and check donor status on their driver’s license or ID.

NMDS and hospital staff work collaboratively in helping families understand brain death, provide support with end of life decisions, and give families the opportunity to follow their loved one’s decision to make an informed decision regarding organ donation.

New Mexico Donor Services provides in-service education programs for all New Mexico hospitals and staff. These learning programs, ranging from nursing orientation to medical grand rounds, are essential to the collaborative spirit of donation, and help address the needs of donor families and patients needing transplantation.

Office of Medical Investigator

New Mexico Donor Services works closely with the Office of Medical Investigator in New Mexico (OMI).

OMI plays an important role in the organ and tissue donation process. Since all unexpected deaths require OMI review, their support is vital for ensuring successful organ and tissue donations.  New Mexico Donor Services works closely with investigators throughout New Mexico, benefiting thousands of transplant recipients each year.

NMDS collaborates with OMI in the referral and evaluation of potential organ and tissue donors to broaden the donation options for donor families, while preserving evidence for death investigations to determine the cause and manner of death.

OMI plays a significant role in helping both grieving donor families and transplant patients in need of lifesaving, life-improving tissue grafts by notifying NMDS of any deaths that do not occur in a hospital. This is a great service to those in need of transplants and to surviving families and friends who choose donation.

Funeral Homes

New Mexico Donor Services works with Funeral Home Directors across the state and provide service 24/7 to assist with any needs occurring during and after the donation process.

New Mexico Donor Services partners with Funeral Home Directors across New Mexico to assure that the family’s wish to donate and their desire for a meaningful funeral can be fulfilled.  NMSD is available 24/7 to assist funeral homes with any needs during and after the donation process.

NMDS is available to provide education to funeral homes about organ and tissue donation, and to assist on a case-by-case basis.