Transplant Patients

Currently there are over 750 New Mexicans waiting for life-saving transplants (heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, intestine or pancreas) in the U.S. New Mexico Donor Services is committed to saving and improving lives by connecting one life to another through donation and transplantation.

Transplant Living – brings together transplant information, resources, and tools for patients, families, and friends. No matter where you are in the transplant experience, Transplant Living can help you be prepared. You can choose to personalize the site to help better manage your health information needs.

Transplant Experience – provides information, tools, advice from experts and recipients about the transplant process.

Living Organ Donation – Information about living donation for kidney, liver, and lungs.

National Living Donor Assistance Center – Providing financial assistance to those who want to donate an organ, priority is given to individuals not otherwise able to afford the travel and subsistence expenses associated with living organ donation

Kidney Paired Donation – When a potential living kidney donor and kidney recipient are an incompatible match, it is now possible to match them with another incompatible donor/recipient pair.