Introducing our new Native American Affairs Coordinator!

April 19, 2024

With a profound understanding of the cultural, historical, and systemic issues impacting Native American populations, Karina brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Her commitment to advancing Indigenous rights and sovereignty is evident in her advocacy efforts, policy initiatives, and community outreach programs. Karina’s journey as a champion for Native American causes began early in life, influenced by her own cultural heritage and upbringing. She has dedicated her career to creating positive change within Indigenous communities, striving to ensure their voices are heard, and their needs are met.

In her role as Native American Affairs Coordinator, Karina collaborates with tribal leaders, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to develop and implement strategies to deplete barriers that arise. She strongly advocates for education, healthcare, and social services that are culturally sensitive and responsive to the needs of Native American populations.

Karina has a Medical Assistant background and has a passion for helping others. Her educational efforts continue to pursue opportunities for learning and growth within the field of Native American affairs within the Medical Field. She is driven by her vision of a future where Indigenous peoples thrive, and she remains dedicated to building a brighter tomorrow for all Native American communities.

Over the past few months, Karina has had the privilege of meeting with several Native American communities all across New Mexico.

Our organization recently had the privilege of visiting Pueblo Governors, Lieutenant Governors, and Vice-President of the Navajo Nation, Richelle Montoya (the first ever woman to be elected to the office!) to build relationships and express our gratitude for their valuable time amidst their busy schedules. During these meetings, we engaged in meaningful discussions aimed at fostering collaboration and understanding between our organization and the Native American communities.

Through open dialogue and mutual respect, we explored opportunities for partnership and cooperation on initiatives that benefit both parties. We acknowledged the importance of cultural sensitivity and inclusivity in our interactions, recognizing the unique perspectives and contributions of Native American peoples. Overall, our interactions with the Native American governors were enriching experiences that reinforced the importance of building strong, respectful relationships across diverse communities. We look forward to continuing these conversations and working together to create positive change for all involved.

We had the privilege of meeting with Tribal Administrator Floyd Toribio and Lt. Governor Delbert Pino of the Zia Pueblo! We had a fruitful discussion aimed at fostering collaboration and understanding between the work we do and Native American communities.

Our Native American outreach continued with Lt. Governor Kevin Montoya and Governor Myron Armijo of the Santa Ana Pueblo! We explored opportunities for partnership and cooperation on initiatives that benefit both the work we do and our Native American communities.

Karina recently met with Lt. Governor Joseph P. Romero of the Taos Pueblo to discuss future collaborations! Our work would not be possible without a strong network of partnerships, especially among Native American communities.

We are grateful for the opportunity to develop initiatives that create positive change for everyone. Thank you for allowing us to serve you New Mexico!

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