The need for diversity

People of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds can donate their organs and tissues. Although organs are not matched according to race or ethnicity, recipients and donors of the same ethnicity are more likely to match. Even more importantly, studies show that transplants may be more successful when organs are matched between members of the same ethnic and racial group.

A gift of lungs gave Alanna her the chance to meet her granddaughter.

Sabrina is a living Kidney Donor.

Renee is a heart recipient.

Native American

Anyone can be an organ donor, but transplants between people with the same ethnic and racial backgrounds are more likely to be successful. Native Americans suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease at higher rates than other racial and ethnic groups. But several factors have resulted in low organ donation rates for Native Americans, including lack of awareness, limited access to medical care, and traditional spiritual beliefs related to burial. This means thousands of Native Americans are currently on waiting on a life-saving transplant. In 2020, only 30% of Native Americans who needed an organ transplant received one.

The need for Native American organ donors is urgent. Please register today.

Brendon Dix is a liver and kidney recipient.

Christy Alvarado is a two-time heart recipient.

Organ donation is the right thing to do. – Willie Martinez


Latino/a/x people tend to suffer from diabetes, heart disease, and obesity at disproportionately high rates, putting them at risk for organ failure. But factors such as language barriers, lack of awareness, and limited access to care mean there aren’t enough Latino/a/x organ donors. In 2020, only 30% of Latino/a/x people who needed an organ transplant received one. Right now, thousands of Latino/a/x patients are waiting on life-saving organ transplants.

Matches are more successful between people with the same ethnic and racial background, so the need for Latino/a/x organ donors is critical. Please register today.

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We can only do it together

#BeTheGift that saves lives!

When you register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, you leave a lasting legacy and bring hope to those waiting.

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