Lita Mathews, Liver Recipient

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We invite you to share your personal connection to donation and transplantation. Your story may be used to raise awareness and give hope to those who are waiting for a life-saving and life-restoring organ or tissue transplant.

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Join our group of Donate Life Ambassadors who passionately believe in the organ and tissue donation program. Our objective is to explain organ and tissue donation to the public, and ultimately alleviate the critical shortage of donors. We speak to the media, civic groups, hospitals, schools, health fairs, and others about donation and transplantation. Many misconceptions arise concerning donation and we are proud to enlighten the public about the importance and benefits of this lifesaving program. The group is comprised of people who are waiting for life-saving transplants, those who have already been transplanted, donor family members, living donors, and supporters of these groups. Anyone can be a Donate Life Ambassador. Sign up today!
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