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As a medical professional, you know how important tissue donation is in transforming lives. By encouraging expectant mothers to incorporate birth tissue donation into their Caesarean deliveries, you can help them bring life into this world and positively impact countless others in the process.

How it works

Birth tissue donation is a simple procedure designed for minimal disruption to the birthing process. It only requires a few steps from both mother and healthcare provider and doesn’t change anything about the delivery itself. The birth tissue is simply recovered in a sterile manner, instead of being discarded along with medical waste, to be transferred to our specially-trained team and sent on its way to enrich lives.

Steps of birth tissue donation

TDS works closely with Medical Providers to ensure a positive donation experience for all.

  • TDS confirms consent and completes paperwork. Prior to the birth, our team will ensure appropriate consent forms have been filled out and the mother’s medical record has been reviewed with all records and personal information handled in accordance with HIPAA regulations.
  • Collecting additional blood samples. During admission to the hospital, extra blood samples are provided to TDS to test and confirm the donated tissue is free of infectious diseases. Should the tests yield any unexpected positive results, the mother’s physician and, if required by state law, the Public Health Department will be informed.
  • Delivering via Caesarean section. The expectant mother must plan to deliver via C-section and be free of infectious diseases.
  • Recovering the birth tissue. During delivery, the birth tissue will be recovered in a sterile manner and transferred to a TDS professional for packaging, labeling and transportation.

The value of birth tissue donation cannot be underestimated. With your help, this simple process can result in more than 100 grafts to benefit countless people in need of its healing properties and make every baby’s birth even more meaningful.

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