2024 OneLegacy Donate Life Rose Parade Float

January 4, 2024

We rang in the New Year with a celebration of life, remembering our donor heroes Dakota Sams and Frederick Jones and their selfless gifts. Featuring the theme “Celebrating a World of Music: The Universal Language,” The Rose Parade, held annually on New Year’s Day, brought together organizations who spent all year painstakingly creating beautiful floral displays on motorized floats to be showcased in Pasadena, CA.

The OneLegacy Donate Life Float, “Woven Together: The Dance of Life”, honored donor heroes with floragraphs depicting their likeness displayed on carefully crafted woven baskets throughout the float. In addition, organ recipients were invited to ride on the float as a testament to the lifesaving gifts they received.

The incredible float, which took hundreds of hours and months of planning to create, was the winner of the Tournament of Roses Judges Trophy.

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